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Standard kitchen cabinet sizes – when we are designing a kitchen and kitchen sets would require a certain size standards that must be adhered to. Usefulness to make things comfortable and fitted with body condition, so your cooking activity in the kitchen will be very enjoyable. This time, I will give you information about the sizes of the latest kitchen cabinets is a common standard used by the designers in designing a kitchen cupboard, may be useful for you.

Under cabinet, the cabinet under the standard width of 60 cm. This size is adjusted by the amount of the stove and sink are located on it. On the island width can be more than that number and will depend on the function and the living space are available. Well, for the cabinet top. The cabinet above the base height can be adjusted by the user height kitchen set, the range between 130 cm – 155 cm from the floor. If too high, can lead to difficulties when studying objects that are stored in the cabinet top, whereas if the distance is too low to be risky to hit the side of the cabinet. Height of the cabinet on its own about 35-50 cm. Higher than the maximum distance that can make storage space at the top to be not working properly. Width will range between 30-40 cm for storing objects that are rarely used.

Height of the Cabinet

So, in between the top and bottom of the cabinet there should be a pause as high as 50-60 cm. In this section, the kitchen wall can give your kitchen set special ornaments, such as mosaic, glass mirror, stainless steel sheets, up hanging accessories to create the impression of an elegant and modern. Well, that’s a few tips from me on standard kitchen cabinet sizes ideas, may be useful for you.

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